System Notifications & Reminders

s2c Mobile allows you to be informed of engine or compliance changes via email notifications. We’ve seen it happen a number of times when working between departments and between companies. Information is updated or a compliance activity is missed because each party thought the other had responsibility. s2c Mobile encourages collaboration by sending system notifications to users who are responsible for engines – whether they are account owners, vendors, or clients.

s2c Mobile sends email notifications for New, Updated, or Deleted information on:

  • Engine Details
  • Facility Details
  • Emission Test Scheduling and Completions
  • Document Uploads
  • Run Times
  • Deviations

We send reminder email notifications for emissions tests that are scheduled or overdue:

  • Emissions Testing Reminder – 60 Days
  • Emissions Testing Reminder – 30 Days
  • Emissions Testing Notification Reminder – 30 Days
  • Emissions Testing Overdue Reminder